About Us


Kontrol Gostar Kahroba (KGK) Company as a knowledge and research based company has been established according to the power and technical capabilities of its own scholars and industrial elites with aiming on production, expansion and development of systems and modern controlling algorithms in industry, especially in agriculture.

This company has already gained confirmation and licenses from credible references such as National Elites Foundation of Iran, universities, laboratory units, and Iran Standard Institution. This company has been able to provide innovative samples and products based on high technology and unique quality in response to the needs and demands of the market. This shows and proves the effort of this company with its preciseness for superior and optimized products that the consumers deserve.

Undoubtedly a wider prospect will be in reach by accomplishing the path of progress. KGK Company announces its readiness for studying and using any constructive suggestion and criticism from respectable experts and consumers for developing its own products and services.

We would like and hope to realize goals as a part of the self-sufficiency and industrial development of our country.

Some of KGK Company achievements

  • Scoring the record of equipping, developing and setting up standard automation systems of 58 chicken farms in the year 2012
  • Implementing more than 30 telemetric and monitoring projects in water distribution network and producing 4 related innovative sample products
  • Implementing more than 300 optimizing energy consumption projects in residential and departmental buildings, and producing 8 innovative sample products
  • Achieving the title of Sample Working Group in Islamic Republic of Iran in 2012
  • Achieving the title of National Pioneer Entrepreneurship in 2012
  • Achieving the chosen title in the 11th National Technopreneurship Festival of Shaykh Bahaee
  • Winning the third rank in the 1st Festival of ZAGROS Technopreneurship
  • Achieving 3 scientific confirmations from Iran National Elites Foundation
  • Registering 18 national inventions having the national confirmation and research science documents in various aspects of controlling systems
  • Achieving various titles as sample unit, superior entrepreneurship, chosen researchers in Kurdistan Province by the KGK personnel
  • Editing 7 Iran Codes for innovative products
  • Defining 3 titles for factory standard, and 3 standards for self-introduced innovative products
  • Achieving the confirmation from Iran Fuel Saving and Developing Company based on 21 random projects audit.
  • Achieving confirmation from the Agriculture Ministry and the Iran Union of Poultry Farmers