Poultry house controller – EXPRO

To be able to continue your presence in the competitive atmosphere of poultry farming industry as well as planning for progress and improving production, you need to reduce the risks, optimize the energy consumption, and improve the surrounding condition. In other word, the accurate and programmed controlling of the production process can help achieving those goals. Nowadays this can come into action by employing new equipment in poultry farming industry. This requires to be focused on the programmed controlling systems at the top of all the equipment. EXPRO is the product introduced by KGK. EXPRO is the final result of 8 years of research, investigation and study of various foreign sample systems. EXPRO got the approval of the Iran National Registration in 2005 and its final product was successfully tested and operated in 2012.

The most important features and capabilities of this product are as follow :

  • Complete covering of all the parameters of an industrial poultry farm by including the connection and coordination of each parameter.
  • Connecting to exclusive industrial sensors
  • Having the possibility of connecting to the computer with the specific Simorgh software
  • Having the possibility of sending and receiving short massages as well as supporting the Android software for viewing the condition of the farm in the form of animation
  • Registering 45 reports and parameters as well as providing related charts
  • Employing innovative function for inlet controlling and also allocating the inlet to the fan ratio
  • Programming a complete and precise production curve which covering all the production parameters
  • Showing all the information regarding to the current condition, targets, settings and whatever is necessary for the user in a simple and accessible form
  • Having the possibility for direct connecting to the backup battery for continual usability even if the power is cut off
  • Supporting gas, negative pressure, humidity and PIR sensors
  • Backing up by at least 5 related software programmed for monitoring, training and programming of EXPRO
  • Connecting to thermal printer
  • Defining different levels of use as well as separate access for users

PPPPP۸ fans control
PPPPP۲ heater group control
PPPPPPad cooling control
PPPPPAlarm control
PPPPPMist sprayer control
PPPPP۳ thermal sensors
PPPPPNegative pressure control
PPPPPLight control
PPPPBackup battery
PPPPPC connection
PPPPGSM modem connection
PPPAmon. Sensor
PPPPower cut error
PPPInvertor and dimmer control
PPPThermal printer
PPPFeeding control system
PPGrain scale digital sensor
PPMotion detecting sensor
PPGrain scale analog sensor
PPElectromotor error detector
PPFans error detector
PPCooling pad inlets control
PPGas sensor
PWater use control
PWater level monitor
PWater meter monitor
PPower meter monitor

This sensor is from digital sensors class that measures the temperature with the accuracy of 0.1 centigrade in a range of -50 to 120 degrees. This sensor has got the inside error detector that informs the user of probable problems with the cable or the sensor itself. One of its distinctions to the available samples in the market is that it does not need calibration. This feature deletes many of the probable errors of using analog sensors.

This sensor has been designed and produced based on the modules of Honeywell American Company. Its high accuracy and stability, quick responding, and high chemical resistance can be mentioned the most important features of this device. The circuits of this sensor has been designed based on studying noise deletion and working in a farm saloon which is full of dust and humidity. It also has got separate power supply switching. This sensor measures the humidity of the saloon according to its temperature. The HD9110 is equipped with the display and has got the inside digital temperature. It can also control the fog sprayers independently with desired settings.

The poultry farmers have always worried about the harmful side effects of these gases. Various ways have always been suggested for controlling them. From the experts points of view the best option for controlling the level of the saloons harmful gases is to calculate the best fan-inlet arrangement to monitor the air flow as well as the amount of the ventilation. In addition to observing the optimization of the energy consumption and the age of the folks, this can lead the produced gas out of the saloons. These sensors can provide a suitable stability as well as no need for frequent calibration. EXPRO smart controlling system can provide this as well as required air flow needed for the saloons. In case of emergency EXPRO can increase the air intake and avoid the energy outgoing and provide the appropriate conditions for breeding.