Inlet controller

One of the most important challenges facing automation systems for achieving correct ventilation inside the saloons is controlling the exact positions of inlets in breeding period without recalibration and resetting. Many of the present systems are equipped with sensors of the inlets feedback such as potentiometers and shaft encoders. Using these sensors, in turn, follows maintaining problems as well as repeated calibrations.

KGK has succeeded to solve this problem by editing and registering innovative algorithm control, deleting ITLC 0.1 error, and optimizing it through many tests and evaluations. The advantage of this controller is that you do not need feedbacks anymore and it can scan the precise positions of the inlets with the lowest possible cost. This controller is offered in two models of manual and automatic which has the capability of solving inlet controlling of many available automation systems. It can calculate the precise positons of the inlets and open the inlets according to their places based on analog outcome. Other considerable features of this controller is the capability of connecting to the negative pressure and alarm sensors as well as precise defining of 8 characters of the mechanical system of inlets moving.