Smart heater stand – Jetpro

In spite of all the development in heating systems for poultry saloons and green houses, heating distribution in those units is still not unified and causing problems due to the limit of the heating sources. Obviously the limitations of the number of the heaters, the minimum saloon ventilation, air flow, and the number of the saloon heating sensors can affect the unity of the flock growth, cause diseases as well as not maintaining the comfort heat zone. The KGK has used all its potential, efforts and experiences in the area to solve this problem by evaluating the possibilities, designing, testing and finally producing.

The result of this research project is the innovative equipment of JET PRO. It is the impeccable solution for the problem of heat distribution in the saloons as well as the comfort heat zone for the poultry saloons and green houses. To complete this invention, the systems of evaluation and analyzing the ambient, the smart program for appointing the heat throwing directions and the optimized mechanical system have been designed and produced. This provides the farmers with the possibility of the manual and smart programmed controlling as well as the capability to monitor and control the ambient. The low cost of production, maximum efficiency, easy handling and the long life of the system are the defined purposes of producing this equipment. Fortunately the rate of the notifications can be observed in the final product.

(a sample of usual arrangement of jet heaters and the consequent undesirable heat distribution in the saloon)

(Using the smart JET PRO stands and the suitable heat in the saloons result unified heat distribution inside the saloon. While the number of the used JET PROs is limited, by employing this technology, there will be no limits in guiding the heat throwing directions.)

The number of the heaters used in a saloon is limited but, by employing this technology, there will be no limit for guiding the heat throwing directions

The smart JET PRO stand has the central electronic control system which controls the equipment in 3 ways:

  • Manual mode: by using left and right switches, the desired angles and directions can be performed.
  • Timing mode: by using this feature, the device can change the angles and directions at the set time.
  • Automatic mode: in this mode it can identify the suitable direction of heat throwing based on the specific heat sensors that already been installed in 3 spots.