Simorgh software

According to the importance of constant overseeing and also remote management of the industrial units like poultry farms, the necessity of using monitoring software is becoming more and more practical and vital. As a result the KGK Company has tried to develop this issue by designing and producing the Simorgh monitoring software and equipping those farms interested in this system.

Simorgh is a specialized software having been designed and produced for connecting to and monitoring the smart EXPRO. It gives the possibility of watching all the parameters of farm saloons. It works with both Windows and Android programs.

This software displays all the received reports from the saloons in animation, display simulator of EXPRO and simple writing forms. This software also draws line and bar chart of the received reports.

The received reports can be saved into text file for further studying and analyzing. It can also send the reports to the mobile phone of the users according to the preprogrammed timing in case of any error occurring.