The international representatives of UNIDO paid a visit on May/09/2017 to KGK Company in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran. They were accompanied by the national IT head of Takapou

At first a short description was given to the visitors about the nature, activities and products of the KGK Company. In the meeting, which was held between the UNIDO and the business and international manager and technical manager of the KGK, they explained the main goals and strategies of the organization in Iran. The UNIDO main goal is to train and empower the youth in different parts of Iran based on the local modern technology. Their plan is to provide training, equipment and facilities for this target group of youth so that they will be able to start their own businesses right away

They were quite impressed by the capabilities and technical knowledge of the KGK. It is an honor and privilege for the KGK industrial group, as a knowledge based company, to agree and announce its readiness for all kinds of cooperation and collaboration with the UNIDO

 The primary agreement was: at the first stage, the UNIDO would make an order for one of the products designed and produced by the KGK. The KGK also accepted to provide the training not only for this product but also for all the other orders which would be given by the UNIDO to the KGK Company

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