The head of Construction Department of the General Governor’s Office of Kurdistan Province, Dr. Firuzi and the head of the General Office of Management Planning of the Province, Dr. Nasrollahizadeh, paid a visit to the KGK Company.

First the CEO of the KGK showed the company to the mentioned authorities and then a meeting was held with them. In the meeting a report was provided about all products which were designed and produced by the KGK experts and staff. At the same time the explanation was also given regarding to the knowledge, capabilities and experiences of the company in all the areas the KGK was active in.

The authorities were quite impressed with the activities so far being carried out by the KGK industrial group. They also agreed to help the KGK Company to introduce its products not only to the governmental offices but also to the private sector. They also announce their readiness for paving the way for further development and products of KGK Company both in national and international levels.

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